AQUABEL AGRO-BIZ Limited offers a diverse range of high-quality fish feed products tailored to meet the nutritional needs of various fish species. Our products are carefully formulated using premium ingredients sourced from sustainable and responsible suppliers. We offer feeds in different forms, including pellets, flakes, and granules, to cater to the preferences and feeding habits of different fish species. Our product portfolio includes feeds for both freshwater and marine fish, designed for different growth stages and specific dietary requirements. We continually invest in research and development to enhance the nutritional value and efficacy of our feeds, ensuring optimal fish health, growth, and overall performance.

Production Process:

  1. Ingredient Sourcing: AQUABEL ensures the highest quality by sourcing ingredients from reputable suppliers who adhere to sustainable and responsible practices. We prioritize natural and eco-friendly ingredients to create nutritious feeds that promote fish health and well-being.
  2. Formulation Development: Our experienced team of aquaculture nutritionists and researchers develop feed formulations based on the specific dietary requirements of different fish species and growth stages. We leverage scientific knowledge and the latest advancements in nutritional science to create balanced and highly digestible feed recipes.
  3. Mixing and Grinding: The selected ingredients are carefully weighed and mixed in precise proportions to achieve a uniform blend. The mixture is then ground to the desired particle size to ensure optimal nutrient release and consumption by fish.
  4. Pelleting/Extrusion: Depending on the feed type, the feed mixture is either pelleted or extruded. Pelleting involves compressing the feed mixture into small cylindrical pellets using specialized equipment. Extrusion involves subjecting the mixture to heat, pressure, and moisture to create a cooked, expanded feed that is then cut into desired shapes.
  5. Drying and Cooling: After the pelleting or extrusion process, the feeds undergo a drying phase to reduce moisture content and enhance shelf stability. Subsequently, the feeds are cooled to room temperature to prevent moisture condensation and maintain product quality.
  6. Quality Control: AQUABEL has rigorous quality control measures in place to ensure that every batch of fish feed meets the highest standards. Our quality control team conducts regular inspections and tests, including nutrient composition analysis, feed pellet durability testing, and microbiological analysis, to guarantee the nutritional value and safety of our feeds.
  7. Packaging and Distribution: The finalized fish feed products are packaged in appropriate containers to maintain freshness and quality. AQUABEL has an efficient distribution network that ensures prompt delivery of our products to customers worldwide. We work closely with our clients to understand their distribution requirements and provide seamless logistics solutions.

Throughout the production process, AQUABEL emphasizes sustainability and environmental responsibility. We employ efficient manufacturing techniques to minimize waste generation and optimize resource utilization. Our commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability drives every step of our production process, ensuring that our customers receive exceptional fish feed products that contribute to the success of their aquaculture operations.

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